How to calculate the MD5 of a vuln

It takes FreshPorts about an hour to process an entire vuln.xml file. There is a lot of work to do. Let’s cut that up. Usually, a new vuln is being added, or an existing vuln is being changed. It was suggested by someone, I cannot recall who, that we could store a checksum for each vuln and use that value to decide whether or not to process an incoming vuln.

The problem: how do you calculate a checksum of a vuln?

The script makes use XML::Parser to read the vuln.xml file. This module contains a print_self() function, which we might be able to shoehorn into generating an md5. I suggest that the best time to calculate the checksum is just before updating the database; at that time, we have all the data for the vuln.

Ideas? Suggestions?

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