Enabling report notifications on the new server

Earlier today I copied data from the old server (supernews) to the new server (x8dtu). Now that the database has the correct information regarding when reports were last sent out, we can begin to enable those reports.

The work has already been done to move the reports from cronjobs into periodic scripts. For our purposes, three new periodic categories have been added:

  • everythreeminutes
  • hourly
  • fortnightly

I also created the corresponding directories:

[dan@x8dtu-ingress01:/usr/local/etc/periodic] $ ls
daily             fortnightly       monthly           weekly
everythreeminutes hourly            security

Which contains the FreshPorts scripts, installed via pkg:

[dan@x8dtu-ingress01:/usr/local/etc/periodic] $ ls everythreeminutes hourly fortnightly

310.send-report-notices-fortnightly   320.send-report-new-ports-fortnightly

120.fp_test_master_port_make       180.fp_stats_hourly                260.fp_refresh_various_cache_items
140.fp_test_master_port_db         240.fp_missing_port_categories
[dan@x8dtu-ingress01:/usr/local/etc/periodic] $

Instructing periodic to run those scripts looks something like this:

$ grep periodic /etc/crontab 
*/3	*	*	*	*	root	periodic everythreeminutes
0	*	*	*	*	root	periodic hourly
1	3	*	*	*	root	periodic daily
15	4	*	*	6	root	periodic weekly
20	3	9,23	*	*	root	periodic fortnightly
30	5	1	*	*	root	periodic monthly

I knew that the script which does the reporting is report-notification.pl so I went looking to see what is using it:

[dan@x8dtu-ingress01:/usr/local/etc/periodic] $ grep -r report-notification.pl *
daily/310.send-report-notices-daily:	echo "cd $fp_scripts_dir && /usr/local/bin/perl report-notification.pl D" | su -fm $fp_freshports_user 2>&1 >> ${DIRLOG}/report-notification.daily || rc=3
fortnightly/310.send-report-notices-fortnightly:	echo "cd $fp_scripts_dir && /usr/local/bin/perl report-notification.pl F" | su -fm $fp_freshports_user 2>&1 >> ${DIRLOG}/report-notification.fortnightly || rc=3
monthly/310.send-report-notices-monthly:	echo "cd $fp_scripts_dir && /usr/local/bin/perl report-notification.pl M" | su -fm $fp_freshports_user 2>&1 >> ${DIRLOG}/report-notification.monthly || rc=3
weekly/310.send-report-notices-weekly:	echo "cd $fp_scripts_dir && /usr/local/bin/perl report-notification.pl W" | su -fm $fp_freshports_user 2>&1 >> ${DIRLOG}/report-notification.weekly || rc=3
[dan@x8dtu-ingress01:/usr/local/etc/periodic] $

Ahh, yes, it does look like I’ve already done this work for each reporting time period.

Next, let’s see what knobs we must enable.

[dan@x8dtu-ingress01:/usr/local/etc/periodic] $ grep enable `grep -rl report-notification.pl *`
daily/310.send-report-notices-daily:case "$fp_send_report_notices_daily_enable" in
fortnightly/310.send-report-notices-fortnightly:case "$fp_send_report_notices_fortnightly_enable" in
monthly/310.send-report-notices-monthly:case "$fp_send_report_notices_monthly_enable" in
weekly/310.send-report-notices-weekly:case "$fp_send_report_notices_weekly_enable" in

Those are the four flags I have to enable to get this working.

  1. fp_send_report_notices_daily_enable
  2. fp_send_report_notices_fortnightly_enable
  3. fp_send_report_notices_monthly_enable
  4. fp_send_report_notices_weekly_enable

Let’s check the configuration file:

$ grep report /etc/periodic.conf
# reports

With a quick sudoedit, I enabled all of those entries. I could have also used sysrc, but I figured sudoedit would be fine.

Now we wait.

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