Quarterly branches: what’s next?

With today’s work on Processing commits on branches with git, good progress was made.

  1. You can see commits on the quarterly branch (not up to date, because it’s not yet automated).
  2. You can see the port on the quarterly branch, if there’s a commit on the branch.
  3. Want to see a particular commit on a quarterly branch? You can.

What’s next?

Automate what I did

I did some coding, then jumped ahead to creation of the XML file.

I have to go back and continue that code. I suspect I’ll need to special case some branches, mainly main.

Clear cache for commits

When I test, I run a commit, delete it, run again. If that commit is cached by the front end, I have to manually delete that. I don’t want to do that any more. I want to add a trigger which raises a NOTIFY event, which the front end will use to clear the cache. See issue 75.

Edit: 2021-06-21 – done. See Commit cache clearing and adding a new event to fp-listen.

See also issue 75.

Fix caching of commits

When you look at a commit on a branch, it says: Commit found by commit id on branch 2021Q2. That is, if you’re the first one to look at it. That gets cached as Commit found by commit id on branch (no branch value shown). This is a known issue.

Edit: 2021-06-22 – done via this commit.

Fix links on quarterly branch commits

See gitea update for an example.

See issue 163

Edit: 2021-06-24 – done via a72b4a9.

Edit: 2021-06-25 – all of the work above (except the automation) is now in production.

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