FreshPorts server moving to Austin

The FreshPorts server is moving from San Jose to Austin. The server has been kindly and expertly hosted by Supernews since it arrived there in November 2006. However, Supernews has been bought by Giganews, who have kindly offerred to take over the hosting and sponsorship of FreshPorts.

Here’s a map showing the source and destination.

The main issue I face now is the logistics involved with providing continue FreshPorts service while the box is shipped to Austin. Expected downtime is 4-6 days. I will move the website to the backup server (hosted by NYI. There are other services on the box which need to be continued, specifically DNS for a number of domains, and some services provided to BSD Certification. They should be easy to sort out.

Shipping costs – 1st guess

Estimated cost of shipping the server is approximately (SEE AMENDEMENT BELOW):

  • 4 business day ground is ~USD$40
  • 3 business day express ~$130
  • 2 day ~$200

Shipping costs – 2nd guess

I’ve also been given these figures:

For a 50 lb. package (just a ballpark guess):

  • UPS Next day is about $250
  • 2nd Day is about $200
  • 3 day is about $125
  • ground is about $50

My plan: Take all the donations and put it towards shipping.

So the question is: how long do you want to be offline? :)

Donation request

Added: 17 March 2008 – if you’d like to donate to the shipping costs, please use the methods at the bottom of this page. Yes, that link is to The FreeBSD Diary. I run that website too.

Added 31 March : goal exceeded. We have $245 raised now. Thank you.

I know some of you have deep pockets are are tempted to donate $50 or $100, but for now, I’d like as many people as possible to contribue. So $5 and $10 donations are greatly appreciated. If we fall short, then we’ll ask for more. I’ll update the total on this page daily.

Donations received

Total to date: $245.00.

Thanks to:

  • Ivan Jorge Silva Lopes
  • Philip Gollucci
  • Wesley Shields
  • Christian Laursen
  • C. Griffin
  • Harald Schmalzbauer
  • Jeremy Gransden
  • Kenneth Stox
  • Jeff Palmer
  • Olaf Hoyer
  • SYN Hosting
  • Rusty Nejdl
  • John Ferrell
  • Daniel Phillips
  • Jason Coon
  • Andrew Pantyukhin
  • Sascha Holzleiter
  • Charles Sprickman
  • Rainer Duffner
  • Kirk Vigre
  • Mark Hobden

Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “FreshPorts server moving to Austin”

  1. aDe: you and Supernews have hosted the box for some time. That is worth much more than shipping.

    Let’s see if we can raise some $10 donations to cover it first.

    I just put a notice on every page of the website.

  2. I can host it while is moved so you dont have any down time.
    Any dns , ips and or servers you want, we are on nlayer band as well.
    We have a brand new data center and plently of servers, email me for details, (please delete my previous post)

  3. I have found DHL to be reliable and cost effective
    Sample prices from a San Jose Zip code to Austin
    DHL Next Day 3:00 pm $211.54
    DHL 2nd Day Service $164.96

  4. I don’t know how you did your figures, but my DHL calculations were:

    Next Day: $289.08
    2nd day: $220.94

    Weight 68 pounds
    length 36″
    width 19″
    height: 6″

    This does not include the $5000 insurance included in the UPS quote.

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