FreshPorts website moved

The FreshPorts website has moved. It was at and is now at, on the other side of the country.

If your DNS is lagged, you will be redirected from to Once your DNS catches up, you won’t be directed. This wonderful solution is accomplished with this directive on the old website:

<VirtualHost *>

    DocumentRoot    /usr/websites/

    Redirect        302 /


When copying the DB from one system to the other:

  • dump | gzip >
  • scp to the other server
  • gunzip
  • stop the production server
  • rsync from production to beta
  • createdb on beta
  • psql <
  • take beta offline
  • rename beta database to .old
  • rename .new to .org
  • bring beta website back online
  • check it’s OK
  • change DNS
  • Redirect old www to beta

That’s the short version. Any questions?

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